Up Next… Irked Vol. 3 Teaser, right here:

irk’s been busy lately: the new mix, entitled “Irked Vol. 3: Can’t We All Just Not Get Along?” (*tip hat to Tina Fey/30Rock), is finished and awaiting release details. Recorded in Chamonix, France, edited and produced in San Francisco and LA, it includes all the usual comical sample scratch trickery, and a backbone of raw hiphop, Cali-glitch, dubstep and breaks. Stay tuned for that. Plenty more in the works too, including a re-work boot of one of the classic tracks from Mel Brooks’ The Producers, and even some Noisia/Foreign Beggars shenanigans. And hey you know what… people should start leaving some damn comments on this site, it’s getting awfully lonely up in here… if you like it, say so, come on people! Anyways, that’s blaow for now, keep it Steel…

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