Arrested On Turntables – Reuniting The Band

A wee celebration of the launch of Season 4:

Friends! Here we go. Arrested Development Season 4 is upon us. And so I present to you my kinda-semi-groundbreaking-ish scratch remix video, Arrested On Turntables. It’s been a while coming. As you probably know, I don’t toot my own trumpet much, but in this case, seriously, there’s only a handful of people on the planet doing anything remotely similar to this, and as far as I’m aware nobody’s done it in quite this way before. So for what it’s worth, it’s probably a world first. This is the nexus where the art of DJing meets sample turntablism meets technological innovation meets all-pervasive, internet-fuelled, anything-goes remix culture in 2013… and it’s wild. I hope you dig.

Now, who’s ready for some Season 4…
irk out.

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