irked vol. 6 is out

I should just mention, had a wicked night on Friday DJing at TempoClash in London alongside Kutmah, Om Unit, Bug, Jon Phonics. Big night, great crowd, cheers guys.

And now to business: my new mix is out! It’s a special collaboration mix for Solid Steel and Montreal-based bassmusic podcast J’aime Le Dubstep. On the sample front we’ve got Kenny Powers, Ron Burgundy, Southpark, Arrested, Heathers, A Night At The Roxbury, Adam And Joe, Brasseye and loads more. This is the first time I’ve crowd-sourced samples… over on Facebook I had a good laugh with folks from all over the world suggesting stuff from their favorite shows and movies that they’d like to have included. So I just did exactly what they said, great success! See what you reckon 🙂

LINK: irked vol. 6 on Solid Steel

LINK: irked vol. 6 on J’aime Le Dubstep

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