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12 06 11

Tempo Clash London – back in the UK and ready to….

… rock? rumble? drown? freeze to death? I just returned to the UK from various travels. As expected, it’s 10 degrees Celsius and raining… lol. This next gig should heat things up a bit though 😉 Tempo Clash Faceboook event

08 10 10

The DJ irk sound…

Just a quick re-post of this lovely nugget of joy from the Irked Vol. 2 mix broadcast on Ninja Tune’s mighty Solid Steel radio in Jan 2010. Check it if you haven’t already! An excellent reflection of many mad irksome times in the Chamonix Valley. Big ups to Monkey Bar, BardUp, Terrasse and Cantina crews. And […]

02 10 10

Come say hi on Facebook

Oh and by the way, irk is inside the Facebook. Go introduce yourself, say hi, he won’t bite. He’s not nearly as nasty as he pretends to be in all those “f*ck you” scratch sequences, honest! Clickedy-click click on this:

23 04 10

irk in the US of A

Well, irk manned up, stole through an almost deserted Heathrow (pics), braved the ash cloud and made it out of Europe on one of the very first post-ashalypse/volcanogeddoon flights. He’s in New York City as of now, hanging about, causing trouble, editing hard on the Irked Vol 3. But he is also fully Serato-enabled and […]

28 03 10

New stickers now in

The latest batch of DJ irk stickers are now in stock. We have waterproof white lettering IRKSOME and ROCKING ROLLING RIDING board stickers, and full colour fancypants Docvek graphics ones too. So go to a DJ irk gig and tug on his sleeve till he gives you a wad of the damn things. Or leave […]

21 03 10

Les Houches park shoot

Spring time hits Cham! New pics up already from last week’s park session up at Les Houches amongst the various DC riders in town for the week… couple of nice ones in there. Bah. Cheers Chris for taking snaps! The Terrasse Boss Des Bosses afterparty on weds went OFF also!!