November 11th 2014

Unlimited Juice… episode 1

Unlimited Juice episode 1 – How Was Your Summer?

Update – Oct 2015 – here’s a lil’ video to go with it:


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January 28th 2014

I’m giving you 110% this year…

most recent video:

Mixcloud HERE

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December 21st 2013

Hey it’s that time of year again

Cynics rise up…

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December 4th 2013

The Solid Steel Mix Of The Year Comp is now live!

It’s been an amazing 25th anniversary year for Solid Steel, with guest mixes from all kinds of superstar talents. I had 3 mixes go out this year too. I hope you’ll vote for one! (Personally I’d recommend the 4 Oct show ;))

The comp details can be found HERE, and below are my 3 mixes from 2013.

Shows and movies I’ve sampled this year include… *deep breath*… Trailer Park Boys, Community, Office Space, Withnail And I, Arrested Development, The Day Today, Archer, Bored To Death, Eastbound And Down, Adventure Time, The Running Man, Napoleon Dynamite, The Mouse That Roared, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Hot Shots, Singin’ In The Rain, Alan Partridge, American Psycho, Dr Strangelove, Team America, Platoon, The Mighty Boosh, Weird Science…

Solid Steel – 19 April 2013

Solid Steel – 31 May 2013

Solid Steel – 4 October 2013

The 19th April show also came with this video version of the intro scratch sequence:

And finally, in addition to all of this (oh and the live shows alongside KidKoala, Vadim, Cheeba, Foreign Beggars, Nextmen, Kentaro, Bonobo, The Bug, Moneyshot etc etc…), I released my AV scratch piece Arrested On Turntables to celebrate the long-awaited return of Arrested Development. Now, never say I don’t put any goddam effort in! If you enjoyed any or all of this stuff then please please please do vote for me in the mix of the year comp, cos despite all this I’m still basically about as well-known & successful as a twig, and that’s a bit depressing really. But you know, what can you do? Cheers!

irk out.

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October 17th 2013

irked vol 13 out now

irked vol. 13: Condition Red is out now on Solid Steel, check it out:

irked vol 13 graphic

Also, if you missed it, here’s the Arrested On Turntables video:

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August 8th 2013

Summer update…

New live date – London:


Latest video  – Arrested On Turntables:

Latest Solid Steel mix – Irked Vol. 12 – Houston We Have An Idiot:


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May 31st 2013

irked vol 12 live on Solid Steel

Big week here at irk HQ. The new mix, irked vol 12: Houston We Have An Idiot has now gone live on Solid Steel, as well as on Montreal’s amazing Here’s the mix:

Plus!… the new turntable tricknology video Arrested On Turntables has arrived, to coincide with the long-and-eagerly-awaited return of the show:


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May 25th 2013

Arrested On Turntables – Reuniting The Band

A wee celebration of the launch of Season 4:

Friends! Here we go. Arrested Development Season 4 is upon us. And so I present to you my kinda-semi-groundbreaking-ish scratch remix video, Arrested On Turntables. It’s been a while coming. As you probably know, I don’t toot my own trumpet much, but in this case, seriously, there’s only a handful of people on the planet doing anything remotely similar to this, and as far as I’m aware nobody’s done it in quite this way before. So for what it’s worth, it’s probably a world first. This is the nexus where the art of DJing meets sample turntablism meets technological innovation meets all-pervasive, internet-fuelled, anything-goes remix culture in 2013… and it’s wild. I hope you dig.

Now, who’s ready for some Season 4…
irk out.

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April 19th 2013

irked vol. 11.5 – Let Battle Commence

Here’s the new mix, out now on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio:

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March 18th 2013

Coming Soon….

Next up… we’ve got a brand new mixtape on the way, complete with an exciting little AV intro, that’ll be dropping within a week or two [edit: errr.. sometime], stay tuned for more details and a release date. Plus next week irk’s off to The Brits snowboard comp / music festival out in Tignes, for a set alongside The Nextmen at the main event headline party, which we’re told will be held in a very special mountain-top venue… like, actually, right on top of a mountain!…


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February 3rd 2013

Scala with The Koala


After several shows out in the European Alps already this year for hordes of bass-hungry snow-folk, irk’s first London show of 2013 will be at Scala. Alongside an allstar party-rocking lineup of world-class turntablists, it’s guaranteed to be a massive one, so get your tickets early [update: very limited exclusive discount tickets HERE]

And in case you missed anything, here’s a summary of 2012 in irkland:

May – irked vol 9: A Radio For Speaking To God
July – irked vol 10: In this Dojo
Sep – irked vol 10.5: This Is How I Roll
Dec – irked vol 11: Christmas Attack Zone

+ 6 new video skits, all on Vimeo here

+ shows in London & around the UK, France, Russia & Austria, alongside the world champion talents of… Kentaro, Kid Koala, Vadim, Woody, MrThing, Format, Cheeba, Moneyshot, Hexstatic, Armtone, KidKanevil, KeepUp, Anchorsong & a bunch more. It’s been aiiiight, cheers for the support!

Not sure where to start? Here’s the Kenny Powers break from irked vol 8. Short and sweet.

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December 21st 2012

Christmas Attack Zone: a seasonal care package for the sound of mind

It’s that time of year again! *scowl* So we’re releasing a big batch of SPARKLY new xmas crap to ward off the hordes of humourless advertisers and annoying festive-cheer-bringers. Peace.

irked vol. 11 is on Solid Steel HERE , and the original 60 minute mix is here:

And here’s a little Jurassic 5 / Mercer & Whiting mashup, have a pop:


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September 24th 2012

new mix now live on Solid Steel

irked vol. 10-and-a-half is now live on Solid Steel, nestled in between mixes by NinjaTune legends Coldcut and Mr Scruff.

And check out some excellent artwork alternative options here

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July 10th 2012

irked vol. 10: in this dojo – now on Mixmag & Solid Steel

This is a Japan(ish)-themed mix to celebrate this Saturday 14 July’s Soundcrash show at XOYO featuring double-headliners world champion turntablist badman DJ Kentaro and MPC whizzkid Anchorsong. It’s heavy on the Japanese references and producers, and features a bunch of tracks off Kentaro’s brand new album on Ninjaaaaaaa. The intro is an Eastbound/Arrested parody on the opening scene of Pulp Fiction 😉 Enjoy.

The Mixmag post is here.

Full tracklisting here.

A 30-minute edit is also live on Solid Steel this week, alongside sets from DK and Paper Tiger

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July 10th 2012

irked vol. 10: in this dojo – Tracklisting

irked vol. 10 was released via Mixmag on Tues 10 July 2012.

It’s a Japan(ish)-themed mix to celebrate this Saturday 14 July’sSoundcrash show at XOYO featuring double-headliners world champion turntablist badman DJ Kentaro and MPC whizzkid Anchorsong. It’s heavy on the Japanese references and producers, and features a bunch of tracks off Kentaro’s brand new album on Ninjaaaaaaa. The intro is an Eastbound/Arrested parody on the opening scene of Pulp Fiction ;) Enjoy.


Artist _ Track _ Label

Louis Bacalov _ The Grand Duel (Parte Prima) _ Maverick
Company Flow _ Eight Steps To Perfection (Instrumental) _ Official
Doshy _ Redworm _ Rwina Records
Foreign Beggars _ Palm Of My Hand (Prod Kidkanevil) _ Mau5trap
DJ Kentaro _ Torus (Oto) _ Ninja Tune
Doshy & Stagga _ Hornets _ Lowriders Recordings
Flosstradamus _ MOTA _ Mad Decent
Starkey _ Fantasy _ Self-released
Faze Miyake _ Take Off V.I.P _ Woofer Music
Darq E Freaker feat. Danny Brown _ Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) _ Southern Hospitality
Major Lazer _ Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) _ Mad Decent
DJ Kentaro _ Step In feat. Foreign Beggars _ Ninja Tune
DJ Kentaro _ Big Timer feat. MC Zulu _ Ninja Tune
Reso _ Vanquish _ Civil Music
RZA _ Ghost Dog Theme _ Victor
RZA _ Flying Birds _ Victor
Kidkanevil _ One For Tokyo _ Self-released
RZA _ Samurai Theme _ Victor
Yosi Horikawa _ Grasshopper _ Eklektik Rekords
Daisuke Tanabe _ Bfr-06 _ Self-released
Beastie Boys _ OK _ Capitol Records
Ryuichi Sakamoto _ Anger (Rare Force 2 Meg Mix) _ Ninja Tune
Mono/Poly _ The Killers _ Self-released
Doshy _ DCU _ Lowriders Recordings _ Woo Hoo _ Maverick
Rufus Thomas _ Itch And Scratch _ Stax
Amon Tobin _ Hokkaido (Lorn Remix) _ Ninja Tune
Anchorsong _ Ghost Touch _ Tru Thoughts
Flosstradamus _ From The Back (Lunice Remix) _ Fool’s Gold Records
XLII _ No Cure _ Civil Music
Alix Perez ft Noisia _ Loose Ends _ Shogun Audio
DJ Kentaro _ North South East West feat. Matrix & Futurebound _ Ninja Tune

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May 26th 2012

irked vol. 9

irk’s new mixtape, “irked vol. 9: A Radio For Speaking To God”, has arrived!… the hosted show on Strongroom Alive went out Thurs 24 May, the official Solid Steel edit went out Fri 25 May, and today we unleash the full unedited 63 minute redux version right here. Enjoy!

Full redux:

Solid Steel edit:

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March 29th 2012

2012 is kicking off

Following irk’s back-to-back Mix Of The Year wins at Solid Steel, we’re proud to announce a whole bunch of new shows coming up. Already this year he’s been flown out to play in St Petersburg, Russia and performed alongside Hexstatic to a 1500 capacity crowd at KOKO in London, but these new shows are going to take some beating. We’ve got a Nu-Mark show in April, Glade Festival in June, a Kentaro-Woody-Cheeba-Reso show in July, and many more… check out the gig listings page and come say hi!

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December 21st 2011

Wrapping up 2011 in style

The votes are in and we’re proud to announce that irk has won Solid Steel’s prestigious Guest Mix Of The Year award for the second year running! He’s now the title-holder for 2010 AND 2011. It was his mix from March, “irked vol. 5: It’s What Gets You Ahead In Life” which won it for him. What’s more, this is only his second year on the show, since his SS debut was in Jan 2010. That makes it 2 out of 2 so far. Thanks for listening, we’re going to celebrate with a Johnnie Walker Black Label, you should too. To Hitch, Cheers!

and here’s the AV intro to “irked vol. 8: Too Much Pressure” again:

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December 4th 2011

irked vol. 8: Too Much Pressure – out now on Solid Steel

Played a couple of great London gigs this week alongside Red Snapper, Kid Kanevil and Solid Steel DJs Cheeba and Moneyshot. The new mix is now live, grab your free download! There’s also a short AV scratch intro to accompany it, be sure to check that out too…

Link direct to Solid Steel Soundcloud here

Next live date: 17 Dec in London.


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November 6th 2011

New Date

Come on down:

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July 10th 2011

irked vol. 6 is out

I should just mention, had a wicked night on Friday DJing at TempoClash in London alongside Kutmah, Om Unit, Bug, Jon Phonics. Big night, great crowd, cheers guys.

And now to business: my new mix is out! It’s a special collaboration mix for Solid Steel and Montreal-based bassmusic podcast J’aime Le Dubstep. On the sample front we’ve got Kenny Powers, Ron Burgundy, Southpark, Arrested, Heathers, A Night At The Roxbury, Adam And Joe, Brasseye and loads more. This is the first time I’ve crowd-sourced samples… over on Facebook I had a good laugh with folks from all over the world suggesting stuff from their favorite shows and movies that they’d like to have included. So I just did exactly what they said, great success! See what you reckon 🙂

LINK: irked vol. 6 on Solid Steel

LINK: irked vol. 6 on J’aime Le Dubstep

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July 2nd 2011

Scratching with Ron Burgundy O_o

Here is part 3 in the Release The UnReleasable series. More details on tha faceboookz.

And here’s my most recent mix again:


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July 2nd 2011

irked vol. 6 Teaser

The new mix is about to drop! It’s a collaboration set for Solid Steel and J’aime Le Dubstep, called Irked Vol. 6: The Rum And Ritalin Mix. Here’s the teaser… release date is THIS FRIDAY 8 JULY…. which happens to be the same day as my first London gig since returning to the UK. irkage all round 🙂

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June 12th 2011

Tempo Clash London – back in the UK and ready to….

… rock? rumble? drown? freeze to death? I just returned to the UK from various travels. As expected, it’s 10 degrees Celsius and raining… lol. This next gig should heat things up a bit though 😉

Tempo Clash

Faceboook event

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June 3rd 2011

Sheeeiit (irk’s The Wire refix)

Here’s my refix of the tune Way Down In The Hole by The Blind Boys Of Alabama, which was used in the opening credits to The Wire (Season 1). Undoubtedly one of the best TV shows of all time, if you haven’t seen it yet, get on some duh-vuh-duh action, it’s amazing. The scratchy bit in the middle uses a dialogue segment featured on the soundtrack album “And All the Pieces Matter – Five Years of Music from The Wire” from HBO. As for beats, the first bit is a tune called Pata Pata by Minimatic, and the last bit is Got That Vibe by Afrika Bambaataa… give them your cash now, they deserve it, support the artists 😉 I dropped this refix in my mix “irked vol. 4” which won Solid Steel’s Mix Of The Year 2010. Free download links for both this refix and the whole SS mix are up on …. come say hi.

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April 29th 2011

irked vol 5. out now on Solid Steel

Et voila! The fifth in the irksome mixtape series has just hit Solid Steel. With a load of huge sounds and smooth mixes it’s just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Fünke of course 😐

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February 26th 2011

New mix – irked vol. 5 – coming soon.

irk’s first new mix release since winning the Solid Steel guest mix 2010 is about to drop, but for now, here’s the teaser:

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December 18th 2010

Solid Steel Mix Of The Year 2010… Winner!

irk takes the top spot this year in Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Guest Mix Of The Year Contest. This is a very cool situation. Thank you to all who supported, serious like. Here’s the winning mix, with a whole load of lovely comments. SS listeners are awesome.

So… what’s next 😉 …

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December 9th 2010

Vote for DJ Irk for Mix of the Year on Solid Steel Radio!

The Solid Steel Mix Of The Year Competition is now on! If you’ve enjoyed my mixes this year and would like to support me, then I’d appreciate your vote. Plus there’s a whole load of free Serato swag for one lucky winner of the free prize draw, plus a bunch of other prizes. Details here:

I’m hoping my Solid Steel mix from 2 Oct 2010 makes a strong show, so that hopefully it gets a repeat play on the end-of-year show. After all, it’s got Flight Of The Conchords, The Wire, 30 Rock, Team America, blah blah blah, and all manner of insanity in it, innit. Thanks!

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October 22nd 2010

Irked Vol. 4 out now on Solid Steel

Irked Vol. 4: ShowBusinessTime has just gone live on Solid Steel. It’s a stormer. Listen out for the milllllllion samples…

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October 22nd 2010

Irked Vol. 4 Teaser

Irked Vol. 4 is getting its world premiere tomorrow on Solid Steel. Here’s the teaser:

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October 8th 2010

The DJ irk sound…

Just a quick re-post of this lovely nugget of joy from the Irked Vol. 2 mix broadcast on Ninja Tune’s mighty Solid Steel radio in Jan 2010. Check it if you haven’t already! An excellent reflection of many mad irksome times in the Chamonix Valley. Big ups to Monkey Bar, BardUp, Terrasse and Cantina crews.

And here’s a link to irk’s latest Solid Steel offering:

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October 2nd 2010

Come say hi on Facebook

Oh and by the way, irk is inside the Facebook. Go introduce yourself, say hi, he won’t bite. He’s not nearly as nasty as he pretends to be in all those “f*ck you” scratch sequences, honest! Clickedy-click click on this:

irk on Facebook

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August 10th 2010

Irked Vol. 3 on Solid Steel

Here’s a link to the latest irky mix, which dropped on Solid Steel on 16 July 2010:

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August 5th 2010

DJ irk in Montreal on August 7th 2010

Irk’s first gig in MONTREAL… it may well look a little bit like this:

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July 16th 2010

Irked Vol. 3 airing NOW on Solid Steel

That’s right ladies, the rumours are true, Irked Vol. 3: Can’t We All Just Not Get Along? is airing right now and all this week on Ninja Tune’s legendary Solid Steel Radio. Here’s what they say: “This week DJ Irk makes a welcome return to the show with another cracking mix”. In true rock ‘n’ roll style, the mix was recorded in Chamonix, France (round about when the Les Houches park photos were taken 😉 ) then edited and produced on the road in San Francisco and LA.

(cover by

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June 24th 2010

Up Next… Irked Vol. 3 Teaser, right here:

irk’s been busy lately: the new mix, entitled “Irked Vol. 3: Can’t We All Just Not Get Along?” (*tip hat to Tina Fey/30Rock), is finished and awaiting release details. Recorded in Chamonix, France, edited and produced in San Francisco and LA, it includes all the usual comical sample scratch trickery, and a backbone of raw hiphop, Cali-glitch, dubstep and breaks. Stay tuned for that. Plenty more in the works too, including a re-work boot of one of the classic tracks from Mel Brooks’ The Producers, and even some Noisia/Foreign Beggars shenanigans. And hey you know what… people should start leaving some damn comments on this site, it’s getting awfully lonely up in here… if you like it, say so, come on people! Anyways, that’s blaow for now, keep it Steel…

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April 23rd 2010

irk in the US of A

Well, irk manned up, stole through an almost deserted Heathrow (pics), braved the ash cloud and made it out of Europe on one of the very first post-ashalypse/volcanogeddoon flights. He’s in New York City as of now, hanging about, causing trouble, editing hard on the Irked Vol 3. But he is also fully Serato-enabled and wouldn’t mind rocking a few crowds if the opportunity arises… so if you know a good gig, drop him a line and he just might be able to make it over to your area code.

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March 28th 2010

New stickers now in

The latest batch of DJ irk stickers are now in stock. We have waterproof white lettering IRKSOME and ROCKING ROLLING RIDING board stickers, and full colour fancypants Docvek graphics ones too. So go to a DJ irk gig and tug on his sleeve till he gives you a wad of the damn things. Or leave a nice comment in the News section here and leave your address in the Contact section and we’ll mail some out for free. Word.

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March 27th 2010

DJ irk + Mister Pop in Chamonix on April 12th 2010

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March 22nd 2010

Solid Steel’s DJ Cheeba is back in Cham for another week of Irk and Cheeba gigs!

Having just returned from his Reels Of Solid Steel World Tour with Boom Monk Ben, Solid Steel’s DJ Cheeba is now back in Cham for the week. We kicked things off last night with a cheeky AV set in Monkey Bar; we’re back at Monkey tomorrow for part 2 of the adventure, then off to The Pub for thursday evening’s shenanigans, and we’ll go out in style on friday at the Cantina, which is bound to be another packed out sweatbox session, oh yes! And the rest of the time we’ll be shredding the spring slush up in the park, oh yes! Check out for a taster of his awesome show.

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March 21st 2010

Les Houches park shoot

Spring time hits Cham! New pics up already from last week’s park session up at Les Houches amongst the various DC riders in town for the week… couple of nice ones in there. Bah. Cheers Chris for taking snaps! The Terrasse Boss Des Bosses afterparty on weds went OFF also!!

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March 17th 2010

Irk and Cheeba in Chamonix on March 23rd 2010

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March 14th 2010

Irk and Cheeba in Chamonix on March 26th 2010

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March 13th 2010

Irk and Cheeba in Chamonix on March 25th 2010

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March 7th 2010

irked vol. 3?

Work has indeed commenced on Irked Vol. 3.  Hallelujah, praise the lord, moving on, maybe. Let’s bloody hope so…

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January 14th 2010

Right, let’s go!

Worldwide premiere of Irked Vol. 2 airs THIS WEEK on Solid Steel

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January 13th 2010

The Solid Steel World Tour of Chamonix is now over…

The Solid Steel Beats, Breaks and Videotapes World Tour of Chamonix with DJ Cheeba is now over… GREAT SUCCESS!

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January 6th 2010

The Beats, Breaks and Videotapes World Tour of Chamonix is underway

The Beats, Breaks and Videotapes World Tour of Chamonix is underway and it’s all good so far. Meanwhile, official release details for the new mix, Irked Vol. 2, have been finalised… The worldwide premier broadcast will take place on Ninjatune’s Solid Steel radio show live on 15 Jan 2010. The show goes out on the UK airwaves and is also syndicated to many of the biggest and best radio stations around the globe. And if you miss out on all of that, the show will be available 24 hours a day for live streaming from the Solid Steel website, and the offical podcast will be released about a week later, so you too can bag your own copy of the outstanding mix “Irked Vol. 2: Boy What A Headache”. It’s already been compared to the DJ Yoda Cut And Paste Mixtapes we all know and love. To find out which station in your country will be broadcasting the magic, and for show times, head to

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November 10th 2009

New Mixtape Finally Finished

At last the new mix is finished. It’s called “Irked Vol. 2: Boy What A Headache” and it’s rad. Stay tuned for info on when and where to hear it first. So, off to Indo next week for a surf break, back in Chamonix for New Year and Jan gigs with Solid Steel’s Cheeba. Then going Stateside for a while. Lots of new things happening very soon. And I’ll have those stickers sorted for you too!

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September 8th 2009

TEASER for the forthcoming Irked Vol. 2

Brand new TEASER for the forthcoming Irked Vol. 2. Check it.

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July 26th 2009

Summer in Chamonix

Summer in Chamonix is in full swing, and I now have a regular slot at the excellent Bar’D Up every saturday for a few months, so come check that out if you can. Meanwhile, Irked Vol. 2 is FINALLY under construction, and is sounding well rubbish, as usual.

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April 21st 2009

Many thanks to

Many thanks to the community for listening to and rating my Irked Vol. 1 mix – always good to get positive feedback. Meanwhile the snow season in Cham winds down, just the one gig left this coming saturday, with Solid Steel’s AV master Cheeba (plus a little end-of-season slush-shredding together no doubt), so that’ll be a good one! What next??? Who knows. Shiiiiit. Suggestions welcome…

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February 8th 2007

My track used in new snowboard advert

My track Let’s Begin Now used as soundtrack to this new advert:
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