Irked Vol. 8

Irked Vol. 8: Too Much Pressure (2011)

Irked Vol. 8 premiered on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio on 2 December 2011:

“In hour 2 DJ Irk presents his ‘Too much pressure’ mix kicking off in his typical style with a sample heavy spoken word intro and onto some chunky west-coast beats from favourites illGates and Bassnectar, then transition through funk and blues and on to a few rocky beats from Kid Koala and DJ Shadow. Picking up the pace we move on to some funky midtempo sounds, including Dave Nada and Tipper, then finally out to new fLako wonkiness and low-end from Gatekeeper, Joker and Halp” – DK


Sylvester LeVay _ Hot Shots Main Title _ Varèse Sarabande
VibeSquaD _ This Afternoon _ Vibesquad
Hecq _ Bane _ Hymen
Opiuo _ Monkey Crunk (ill.Gates & Samples Crunky Monk Remix) _ Muti Music
Bassnectar _ Boombox (Bassnectar & iLL.Gates Remix) _ Amorphous
Ikebe Shakedown _ No Answer _ Colemine
Freddie King _ Going Down _ Shelter
Kid Koala _ Slew Test 2 _ Ninja Tune
Lenny Kravitz _ Always On The Run _ Virgin
DJ Shadow _ Back To Front (Circular Logic) _ Island
MED _ Outta Control ft. Hodgy Beats _ Stones Throw
Taprikk Sweezee _ Volt (Digi G’Alessio Remix) _ Error Broadcast
Backup Pistol _ Wick-it The Instigator _ Promo
Different Boogie _ Alex Mind vs. Syl Johnson _ Promo
Dave Nada _ Drop Buddy Gal _ T&A
Tipper _ Snake Eyes _ Tippermusic
fLako _ Broken Toy _ Project Mooncircle
Starkey _ Eris _ [adult swim]
Bassnectar & Jantsen _ Red Step _ Amorphous
Gatekeeper _ Ignite (Statix Remix) _ Screwloose
Joker _ My Trance Girl _ 4AD
Labrinth _ Earthquake (Noisia Remix) _ Vision
Halp _ Leek (Doshy Remix) _ Seclusiasis
MachineDrum _ Flud _ Innovative Leisure